How they roll

Change. It drives me nuts. It weighs me down. It’s way too high maintenance. And to top it off, it costs 10% of the total to convert it to paper if you use one of the Coins to Cash machines that have popped up in grocery stores.

I’ve tried pretending that coin sorting was a fun thing to do while watching mindless TV. But I wasn’t fooled. I tried bribing myself by promising to spend all of money in my Hippopotamus bank on a new Coach bag. But I wasn’t tempted. I’ve put it on a To Do list and starred it several times. No matter.92830FL-2

Then finally I got it. The perfect solution.

I ordered a $30 motorized coin sorter. It takes 2 C batteries for it to rev up so that it can go to work sizing up each coin and putting it in the proper chute. It comes with assorted paper coin wrappers and you can order more. I can hardly wait for the Big Brown delivery truck and the gift-wrapped package for Sig.

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