You gawkin’ at me?

If your favorite cookbooks are the ones with great food photographs, you will love Foodgawker. It’s a photo food gallery from food bloggers in all parts of the world.

Like what you see? Simply click on it and bam, whoosh, you’ll end up on the originating blog. Once there, you’ll find the recipe and maybe, discover a site to add to your favorites. You can view the gallery by latest additions or by most popular.

If you register, you can save favorites, make notes and share stuff.

Foodgawker regularly adds new photos to keep things rolling. Submission guidelines are included in case you want to send in something you’ve seen or something from your own foodie blog.

After you’ve spent a couple of hours looking at food, you can switch over to Craftgawker and check out their photo gallery of handmade arts/crafts or go to Dwellinggawker, photos from design and architecture bloggers with ideas for your home.

By then, it’s probably time to go to bed.

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