Summer Supper

I have a bowl of home-grown tomatoes sitting on the kitchen counter, not mine, mind you — mine are still on the vine showing no intention of ever showing up for a meal.  But ever since I had gotten the tomatoes, I planned on having BLTs and went to the store to buy what I needed.

I was behind three twenty-somethings in the check-out line. The group had a specific menu in mind featuring a sizeable bottle of Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, limes, avocados and chips. Too bad for them, they’re probably tossing down margaritas and eating chips sans guacamole since their avocados ended up with my groceries.

Image from Closet Kitchen blog

When I got home, I mixed fresh salsa with the avocados and added a squeeze of lemon.

I decided to use guacamole instead of mayonnaise to anchor the bacon on the sandwiches. So there I had invented something really good  — a BLTG.

Sadly, I found out later that the BLTG has already been discovered — more than once. I did like the BLTG photo I found on Closet Kitchen , a blog written by Kevin who lives in Toronto, Canada.

It really looks quite like itself.

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