Contrary to what I have previously suggested, do not, I repeat, do not attempt to bring home a half-eaten salad in a plastic container thinking that what you have is another great meal.

What you have is a soggy mess of limp greens, softish nuts, deflated blueberries and unnaturally slippery chunks of pineapple and strawberry. It is not and will never be either my or your idea of a good follow-up meal.

Oh, yeah, sure — take the sucker home when you can’t finish it. But remember, the clock starts the minute you swoop up the remains and walk to the car. Every 45 minutes, flavor, taste and appeal (FTA) take a big tumble.

(Seems like this should be an important revelation rather than a painfully obvious footnote.)

One thought on “Blech

  1. So typically I take it with me…leave in the car all night and then throw it out!!! And am trying to THROW ` IT OUT!!! Since I have a newly cleaned out refrig!!!! and btw am dating things with my permanent black sharpie!!!! YA HOOOO!

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