Door to Door

I confess. I was home when the two nicely groomed men in short sleeves with black satchels came to the door, one of whom was holding a pamphlet of some sort. That’s the up side of having a paned-glass door, it’s never a surprise to see who is on the porch.

I backed up the staircase and went back to whatever I was doing, ignoring the second bleat of the door bell. Later, I picked up the Watchtower that had been left at the door and tossed it into recycling.

Best I can figure out is Jehovah Witness folks spend time door-to-door as a public service making sure people know that the Kingdom of God which they believe to be the ultimate government will replace all earthy governments sooner or later.

Given what’s going on in Washington, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the heavenly bureaucrats are packing up their desks right now.

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