Long Lake in Park Rapids, Minnesota

Hey, whasup? You’ve been gone forever!  Can’t wait to hear all ’bout it. Didja have a wonderful time? 

… Glad to be home? 

Hellllo. Yeah, right. It’s been forever.  It was Graaate, realllly great. 

Weather was good most of the time, everyone got along and we did lots. Plenty of food, drink and late hours. (Ha. Ha.) Yeah, am glad to be home to my own bed. Got lots of pics. 

 …Wow, sure is hot.

Can’t wait to see ’em all.  Saw your facebook updates.  Yeah, it’s been really hot ever since you left. And it’s suppose’ to stay like this until next week sometime.

Really? Glad the A.C. is working, though the ice maker isn’t. Think I’ll pick up a bag of ice at Costco.

… Wanna go?

Sure. What are you doin’ for dinner?

I dunno, you?

No clue, let’s check out the samples.

2 thoughts on “Re-entry

    1. Agree totally!!! peanut george on the deck!! I knew it was you Joyce!!! I’m also enjoying dull ~ normal and inside the house!!!

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