Shore Like it

The boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey was built by railroad dudes in an attempt to keep sand from cluttering up their club cars. Walking the boards is just as much of an activity as going to the movies or playing miniature golf.

Benches are placed strategically facing the long row of food vendors. It is a lively food circus that has the walk-away food that you get on the midway at a state fair: lemon italian ices, fried pickles, and funnel cakes covered with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, vanilla custard cones with sprinkles, corn dogs and hefty paper sleeves full of steaming french fries.

Image by Shannon Reynolds

Mack and Manco’s is a pizza place that has 3 shops on the boardwalk. They are rightfully proud of their places and their pizza. The crust is thin and crispy, the ingredients are fresh and the portions big. It’s finger food that you fold and eat, holding it away from yourself to keep your shirt clean.

After that, it’s nice to lean back and slow drink a diet coke and look at all the Jersey boys.

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