Hanna, Indiana

Art by Tyson Grumm

I was looking for a place to eat Greek take-out in the middle of the afternoon the other day in northwest Indiana. Zooming down the highway I caught a glimpse of a picnic shelter and found myself in Hanna, Indiana.

There are 463 people in Hanna; on the Welcome to Hanna sign, it says “unincorporated town.” Best I can figure, being unincorporated means Hanna residents aren’t taxed by a city government. ‘Course on the down side, there aren’t any city services either.

The park is trim and clean. There is a baseball diamond with a painted dugout.  There are concrete block restrooms, a  concession stand and playground equipment on a mulched surface. The picnic shelter has a Lions Club International logo, a group whose by-words are, Community is what we make it.

Looks to me like the people in Hanna, Indiana don’t need no stinkin’ city.

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