Isn’t Life Really a Detour?

I have a GPS that plugs into my car for that little bit of travel help when navigating unfamiliar territory. So an hour and a half after motoring on down the highway on the way to the east coast from Iowa, I program it and fire it up.

The woman inside the device is quick and precise, “Re-cal-cu-late. Re-cal-cu-late. Exit next ramp, turn left at the stop sign and right at first opportunity to proceed east on I 80.”

I stare at the new road route that illustrates her directions and damn if she isn’t right. Omaha is not the way to Washington DC. On the up side, we are traveling through country that deserves a second look.

Shortly after that I turned on the foreign travel guide just for grins. In an hour and a half, I learn how to order, “Two beers, please. And do french fries come with that?” I think it  might come in handy in case we end up in Munich for happy hour.

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