350 Degrees of Separation

When I was in college, I shared a house with a girl from Massachusetts for a time.  She was little and intense and loved to roast whole chickens that we’d eat all week. Our landlord was beyond frugal, and would constantly rant in an-old-lady way about how cooking chickens hiked up the electrical bill. No one paid much attention to that.

Anyway, come to find out all these years later, one of my old room-mate’s first cousin’s son is in show biz. He is Joseph Leo Bwarie, who plays Frankie Valli in the hit musical, Jersey Boys. He is the little, intense one.

This summer Bwarie is going solo with a debut CD, Nothin’ but Love.

Backed by a 45 piece orchestra, the 13 track CD promises to be the kind of stylish music you tell your friends about — load on your i-pod and laptop, and give to people who have good taste.

Take a chance and pre-order at  www.JOSEPHLEOBWARIE.com.  Or preview and buy online beginning June 21 from your favorite music haunts – Amazon, CD Baby, I-Tunes. (Also features Bucky Pizzarelli, jazz guitarist and Latin percussionist, Paulinho da Costa)

The way I figure it, if Joey is even half as good as that chicken, it’s got to be gold.

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