Let’s suspend reality for a minute or two and imagine that Sarah Palin is a bona fide candidate for the highest office in the land. Let’s imagine Sarah sees herself in the oval office holding tight to the reins of country bringing the dog sled home, a capable and competent Chief Executive.

Photo by Charles Krupa, AP

Mrs. Palin, if this is true, then permit me a small word. You HAVE GOT TO STOP blaming the questions when your answers get unfavorable press. Far be if for me to tell you that this is the dress rehearsal. But this is a DRESS REHEARSAL.

When you go on tv and say, defend a silly, inaccurate observation of Paul Revere’s motive for his historic midnight ride, you look anything but presidential. When you then declare the topic (Paul Revere?) was a grenade lobbed by your media enemies, frankly, I’m thinking it’s none too soon to be setting yourself up in real estate in Arizona.

One thought on “Wowsa

  1. That vision is too scary .. to imagine Sarah Palin holding the reins of this country…OMG… . Truly frightening…

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