I am a little behind in picking up leaves hiding out under and behind bushes in my yard. I was hoping that they’d break down a little and turn into mulch all by themselves but last time I checked, they are as sturdy as ever.

Action photo of Jumbo Hands.

On the up side, it is a good excuse to spend ten bucks on a pair of jumbo garden hands from the Walter Drake catalog.

They are big (14″ x 11″) forked plastic lids that let you scoop up a lot of leaves at one time. They come in an attractive shade of garden green in case you care about that.

Could be a Father’s Day gift as long as you stick something really good in the package with it.

‘Cause, let’s face it, getting garden hands for Father’s Day (even if they are jumbo) would be about as much fun as getting a double boiler for your birthday.

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