Put Yr Lips Together

I doubt that I will ever grow up and out of the irrational notion that if I blow out all of the candles on my birthday cake, I’ll get my wish. (As long as I don’t blab about it.)

The custom is rooted with the ancients, when people believed a herd of gods lived in the sky. Smoke wafting from blown-out candles evidently had a fighting chance of reaching a wish granting spirit.

Since birthday wishes are such a time-honored tradition, there’s job security in  cake baking.  But some bakers are probably more secure than others.

Cake Wrecks is only interested in cakes gone wrong. For instance, it was just as well that little Trudi Smith didn’t know how to read when it was time for her to blow out the candles on her purple cake.


“Well, I guess Nuts is Peter Allergy’s brother or maybe sister? Good lookin’ bushes, doncha think?”

“Yeah, nice. Let’s move on. We have to finish one more for a 5:00 pick-up, we gots to hurry.”

“Okay, here’s the gab – it goes on the white frosted swirl two decker round.”

“H 85th (Grand.Mom)?”

“Yeah, that’s what it says. I think it is some kinda computer code or somethin?”

“Alrighty. We’re done.”

(Thanks Meghan for passing this along.)

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