It is Moving…

Today, Sig’s mother moved into a retirement community. The place has meal service, a hair salon, transportation to doctors, stores and wherever and a 24/7 front desk in case somebody needs it.

Her apartment is small but clean, efficient and accessible. The doors are wide and the lighting is great. It looks great, a clean carpet, a sparkling kitchen and bath.

Of course, Marj is not so happy.

She thinks she has been dropped into a place where she will be forced into bingo games, eating way too much food and being nice to her neighbors. She hates the caring environment, can’t stand the apartment and hates being on the third floor. She feels as if she has way too much furniture but has no idea of how to get rid of it.

I want to say — Buck up Marj, deal with it.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Thanks for all your help”

“You’re welcome.” And I leave with neither one of saying what is really on our minds.

6 thoughts on “It is Moving…

  1. I got up early just to bake Dilly Bread for you to take to Marj — I know she would not want that done, but whatever … I’ll tell her it’s a new Swedish tradition. Good job Sig and Stevie. Later…

  2. Good job, Stevie. I can tell from reading how hard it was, and will continue to be. Marj needs a therapist to guide her thinking in that she has choices. She is SO choosing to be unhappy. Poor thing.

  3. Oh, Stevie, I am so close to being where Marj is. Let her spill, she needs to. You need to tell her how it is for you, Sig does, too. Just open up – it will do you all good.

    your friend, Katie

  4. Saint Stevie (btw your karma fills a room), it will grow on her and within time she will love it, but still complain.

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