I found the Poetry Foundation looking for a good poem for mother’s day. And I found out it’s worth a stop — their mission is to make poetry more up front in people’s lives. They’ve got a fat archive of poems and a home page they can brag about.

Mothers rock.

Try Poem of the Day, or Poems about Relationships, or take your chances on a Random Poem.

Today they have a sampler of poems in honor of mother’s day.

I particularly like this one by J Lorraine Brown because of the vivid imagery and the reminder that all mothers start out as fearless little girls.

Tintype on the Pond, 1925

Believe it or not,
the old woman said,
and I tried to picture it:
a girl,
the polished white ribs of a roast
tied to her boots with twine,
the twine coated with candle wax
so she could glide
across the ice—
my mother,
skating on bones.

2 thoughts on “H.M.D.

  1. my mother, metaphorically, skated on bones many times in her long life. As we all have.

    Thanks, Stevie

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