Here Comes Summer

I think I'm going to like this.

Summer starts when I clean off the front porch, bring out the tables stored in the garage, and plant pots to hang from the eaves and crouch in the corners. It is a huge production mostly because I get easily distracted.  Every year, I swear to simplify.

I bought a couple of different begonias and diamond frost for my Big Focus.

This year, I do not replant the geraniums, I simply fasten a hanger onto the pots and up they go. I decide not to mix things, mixing causes me grief since they all have special needs and I always forget what they are.

So it’s one pot — one kind of plant cept for the feature focus. I pull all of my house plants out, yank them out of their stupor, trim them, and stick them in new pots. I hack a couple to the soil line and wish them well. I throw a stub of a dracena into a vase to see if it will root. I am on fire.

I sweep the porch and bring up the hose basket so I don’t have to drag the hose from the side of the house every time I need to water.

Then,  I water everything and every surface. Sig comes home and looks around; he loves the porch. He says, “Looks great, want me to go get some wine? ” Yeah baby — here comes summer.

3 thoughts on “Here Comes Summer

  1. You are an overachiever .. I only got 3 pots done and the porch is still dirty … but I do have a bottle of wine.

  2. O’s my day for the ritual..only I’m starting with the deck!! The Cavit is chilling for the end of the day…wish you were here!!!

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