Get a Break

Groupon, the place that negotiates pretty hefty discounts on food, services, and entertainment, city-by-city is picking up speed. A set number of people in the area have to buy in by a specific date in order for the deal to “be on.”

What can happen is a simple e-mail to a circle of friends and suddenly you have a night out with everyone getting a cost break.  Yeah, I think it is a clever idea, too. It does short-cut the annoying cycle of, Where do you want to go? Dunno. You? I dunno either. You?

(The other day it looks as if a maverick has been tearing up Groupon. After the deal of the day, there was advice on how to survive fairy tales. It suggested if offered a wish, say, “My first and only wish is to eat a wish-granting fish.” It was absolute nonsense. And I’d steal that line in a flash.)

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