Man Up, Bug

Way to go Volkswagen.

2002 Beetle

All this hoo-rah-rah about the new generation Beetle is not going down all that well in some quarters. My 2002 Beetle, for instance, is building a steady head of steam with all the talk about more sporty, more dynamic and more masculine.

“Oh, yeah” –the conversation goes at a stoplight when abreast another Bug, “so who CARES about a lower profile, a longer hood and a steeper windshield?”

2012 New Beetle

“Ha, they think that’s a big fat difference?”

“Right,” spits the other car.  “And engine-smidgen, I’m already turbo-charged. Let me at ’em on a straight away! And what’s this about a Spoiler? Any Junker can have a spoiii–leer. I can hardly believe my own ears.”

“More Power, less Flower, my tail-pipe!” my car grumbles loudly as the light turns green.

“See you around,” the other car yells turning left into the intersection. “By the way, love the daisy on your dash.” “Thanks,” my car smiles cheerfully as we drive straight ahead. “I got it at Costco, a great place for flowers.”

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