I CONFESS,  I bought a small electric appliance that only does One thing on the very eve of Earth Day. So crucify me.

(Oh, c’mon — just kiddin’.) 

It came today via Big Brown.

It’s a Zoku pop maker, and yes,  I do plan to “explore an entire world of delicious frosty treats that will magically freeze before my eyes.”

The Zoku is filled with the same kind of liquid found in ice cream makers. Freeze the base, insert popsicle sticks , pour in the ingredients and wait for a short time for a freeze.  

Use some kind of sweet liquid, juice-based, kool-aid or what-have-you,  add some fruit and you’re done. Look at these results. It’s this picture that convinced me that I had to have it. 

I do admit– it doesn’t make a lot, three at a time, so it’s best to plan ahead so you have enough.   

I plan to experiment. I plan to make this a very well used appliance. Maybe even  a Zoku blog. Let me know if you buy one — we’ll chat about it.

2 thoughts on “Zoku

  1. Hey Stevie:
    I bought a popsicle holder (makes four) that freezes juices, yogurt mixes and other goodies and it only cost me $1.00! Hope you have a good time with your Zoku. I have a number of receipes if you are interested.

    1. A dollar !? I think you win the let’s make a deal round — tho mine did come with a pretty extensive recipe book. We might have to have a pop-off this summer. (Mine actually makes 6 or 9 if you are quick.

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