The 100 Word Challenge from Velvet Verbosity invites writers to tell a story in exactly 100 words based on a one word prompt. This week’s word is voice

Sam jumped slightly when the phone rang.  “Hello?”

 A woman asked in a hopeful voice. “Hello. Is Teddy Powers there?”


 “Teddy – Ted Powers.”  

 “No –“

 “Sorry, I dialed the wrong number.”    

 Sam hung up and picked up the newspaper. When the phone rang again, he thought – betcha it’s for Teddy. “Hello.”

 “Hi, may I talk to Ted Powers?”

 “You dialed the wrong number again,” he told her.    

 Her voice rose, “Well, is this 543-2001?”   

“Yeah,” Sam said. “It’s 543-2001.” She repeated the number after him; her voice sounded flat and disappointed.     

“Sorry,” he said. “Listen, my name is Sam.”

7 thoughts on “Hello

  1. I hate when that happens to me! (on either end of the phone). I’m interested to know more about this story though. More about Teddy and woman… more about Sam and the woman.

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