Goodbye Liz

It seems to me the world is a little less glamorous today without Elizabeth Taylor. Which is a little odd since we had pretty much of a non relationship. My notion of her is formed by the Public Eye which was unable to turn its gaze whenever she showed up.  

So through the years I sorta watched her movie career unfold, gossiped about her choice of men, at times marveled at her spot-on indifference to snipers, and envied her drop-dead beauty.

It’s just too bad that a death often prompts the finest tributes to a life.  And so we hear that she was the first and probably the last of the great movie stars. She was a breathtaking beauty, an activist, a philanthropist, a humanitarian, a businesswoman, a stalwart friend, a comedienne and a protective nurturing mother.

No question about it. Her life seems gloriously lived and I’m sure she would have loved to hear today’s chatter about her.  

Personally, I liked hearing that she and Debbie Reynolds were still friends in spite of that Eddy Fisher thing.  And I liked learning that she had a mutation that caused her to have double rows of eyelashes. And I liked knowing that she was surrounded by her family at the end.

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