Oscar Post Mortem

Okay, I love the Academy Awards, always have, probably always will. I enjoy movies and love to compare my choices against others’ picks and talk about why or why not. It is a kick to see what everyone is wearing; and, I look forward to a show put on by people whose business is show business.

But for crying out loud, get Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock to host next year!

As is tradition, the 2010 winners gave out the best actress and actor awards last night. And if they were acting as the perfectly comfortable, articulate and gracious presenters — then they nailed it. 

You could see it as the camera lingered on the nominees’ faces when they heard their names.  Most sat up straighter and tried not to grin their faces off as Bridges and Bullock  reminded them why they were nominated. No matter that a script writer may have helped. It was done right.

If I was in the power seat, I would put my A-Team in this show, it’s no place for rookies. Afterall, performance is what Oscar celebrates.

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