Dining In

I just made a recipe from Epicurious  as it was obvious that we were not going anywhere other than the dining room for dinner.  In addition to rosemary and wine, it called for beef and garlic.

It is deceptively easy so I am thinking this may not be a keeper. Who uses white wine with beef?  But on the other hand, I always have white wine on hand — so if it is good, isn’t that an incredibly happy coincidence?

I put a couple of potatoes in the oven and peeled and sliced some carrots to microwave when it was their time. I cut the steak in strips across the grain, dusted them in flour/salt and pepper and sautéed in batches in olive oil. Then I browned slices of 4 garlic cloves and a bunch of rosemary, added wine and waited for it to reduce. 

The beef went back into the pan when carrots and potatoes were ready to serve. I added a TB of butter to the skillet for richness and we were ready for dinner.

“This is better than you could get from any restaurant here.”

“Really? I reply.

Better than a restaurant? I think, Are you kiddin’ me? Of course, it’s better than a freakin’ restaurant, you’re damn right it’s better than a restaurant! A restaurant in this seaside village couldn’t touch it!  

I say, “Well, good — I’m glad you like it.”

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