Cry, Baby

There’s weird news in the San Antonio paper too. That is, a column dedicated to the devotees of quirkiness in this world of ours. The latest I read are two counselors in California who started Men of Tears, a male support group to encourage crying.

Yeah, what is in the water out there?

According to the counselors, crying makes men emotionally stronger and less hostile. Well actually I wouldn’t dispute that. But boys, aren’t we suffering from just a little Over-Simplification? 

Sure you cry, but then you eat a pint of Haagen-Dazs or whatever is handy and then you call someone who understands and loves you. After a vigorous round of chat, if you are lucky your perspective is back in place and the world tilts back into its socket. 

Plus, c’mon — how are you going to recruit for an organization called Men of Tears. The only thing I think is worst is Clan of the Cave Bear. It’s a plain no-starter.

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