Anybody else thinking?

What exactly does Mubarak not understand about, “It’s over.” Sure, I understand –he’s used to the gig and doesn’t have a whole lot of other marketable skills but still when a whole bunch —hundreds of thousands –of people mill around outside your window hollering, “Show us your shoes!”


News reports have picked up the suggestion evidently floated by the Mubarak camp that  foreign interests are fueling the demonstrations. Well, don’t be looking this way. Although Show Me The Shoes is a fine and catchy line, we are partial to Show Me The Money or that old-school favorite, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.  

Ahem, Big M, here’s a thought. If you hurry, you probably can make the entire talk show circuit over here.

You’ll be able to reveal how Loera, the next door neighbor lady, in the absence of your caring-but-way-too-busy parents, nurtured and coached you to stand tall against the boys down the street who for some reason kept stealing your shoes. Then a ghost writer memoir in the works, an endorsement or two, and an offer to launch a brand new reality show, Real Ousted Autocrats

You’re money, Mr. Mubarak. Go ahead, quit.

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