Holy Cow

The place is called Holy Cow. It is a large room in a cement block building with a number of utilitarian tables and chairs.The only thing on the wall is a wide floor to ceiling chalk board. A man who looks like Antonio Bandera in a close-fitting black polo shirt and a starched white apron tied around his waist, greeted us as we walked in.

We intended to order our favorites — Butter Pecan and Blueberry Crumble. But the menu on the board didn’t have what we expected. Instead there was choco-mint, choco-cherry, choco-vanilla plus a list of tropical flavors like mango, grapefruit and tangerine and mint. The bottom of the board listed nuts — almond, walnut, pecan.

In Mexico almost every child grows up eating Paletas, frozen fruit bars, popsicles made from fresh seasonal fruit. When the fruit is blended with milk or cream they are paletas de leche, or milk Popsicles. 

The Antonio Look alike figured out that we had not yet tasted paletas and immediately offered samples. He told us that all of the ingredients were fresh, and that the paletas were made in the store. We ordered a choco-mint, a vanilla-pecan and vanilla-almond. 

You heard it here first, this Will be the next trend — it also may be the tight-fitting black polos have another run.

2 thoughts on “Holy Cow

  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOGS! It is such a joy to open them and have a smile spread from ear to ear…..always. Never stop, and please please publish these so that everyone can enjoy your genius and mirth….Marti
    Have a safe and totally fun trip.

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