Take a Break

I just googled the best homemade cocoa recipe ever. It’s from All Recipes.com and according to their stats 22,800 people have saved it; 476 wrote reviews and on a scale of 1 to 5 it’s rated 4.6. Pretty good credentials, I’d say. FYI — most of the reviewers cut back the sugar to a scant 1/2 cup so unless you really like Sweet, you might want to do the same.

If you want to up the ante, you could wade in and make your own marshmallows. Seems there are quite a few people out there who get a kick out of that project. Is it any surprise that Martha weighs in with one of her own recipes? 

Okay, either do that or get some marshmallow fluff when you’re at the store getting the half and half and drop a scoop on top. (Or whipped cream would do nicely.) It will look every bit as good as Martha’s and you’ll have time to get into a good book.

Here’s a sleeper (to me) I picked up at Costco if you are interested in actually using your camera: Visual Poetry by Chris Orwig.  The book has great examples, practical tips, lots of resources, a companion web site and most of all — the inspiration and encouragement that can only be a gift from an experienced mentor who loves his craft. 

For instance, in the chapter on portraits, Orwig writes, “The eyes need to be tack sharp.” He explains that the near eye, the one closest to the viewer, is the eye the viewer looks at first. If that eye is out of focus the viewer has to visually scramble to reach over to the other eye. While the photo may technically look fine, it won’t feel right. 

Got your cocoa, optional marshmallows, book — might as well turn on some music. Here’s a blast of happy music from 1969.

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