What I Found Out

When my life threatens to revolt from peaceful kingdom to anarchy I believe in acting decisively. I restore equilibrium by taking complete control over little things such as lining up just-washed hair brushes and combs on a towel to dry, fluffing up a bedspread in the dryer and getting rid of the coffee stain in my favorite mug.

I might find a screwdriver to tighten the loose knobs on a dresser or glue the pieces of a broken picture frame. I put a clean rug on the bathroom floor and dig out the better towels in the back of the linen closet. I might sweep the front porch and shake out the doormat. 

I have no interest in big-ticket tasks like washing windows, planning a dinner party or building a bookshelf. I am never tempted to clean out my basement, purge my desk, or organize a pantry.

I am only interested in creating the biggest list of completed tasks I can in the shortest time possible. It’s then I find I have restored my confidence reservoir and I can once again reclaim my status as master of my universe.

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