One/One/One One

How often do you get to write a headline like that?

I’m enjoying Clean Slate day — not to be confused with Clean Sheet day that happens, more or less, on a weekly basis as opposed to once a year. It’s a new beginning, a fresh start — it’s reinvention, rebirth and renewal. (And you thought it was just Saturday.)

This year, instead of making a list of declarations, at day’s end, I plan to catalog all of things that I have accomplished. Three hundred and sixty-four days from today I expect that I will be flat-out astonished. For instance, this morning I watched a movie, read yesterday’s paper and two short stories by the woman who wrote Out of Africa.  And here it is, only just — noon.

I suppose I need a vision of the target I have in mind. Okay.  

By year’s end, I want to marvel at new things I have learned, be satisfied with things I have done, feel comfortably healthy and fit, and look back on a host of hilariously good times with family and friends.  

I best get started.

Happy New Year!

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