Must Haves

How do they do it? Every fall the fashion industry in its big, blustery voice declares last year’s stuff, well — so last year. 

And in an amazing whirl of superlatives the hot new trends are announced that put a strangle-hold on holiday gift lists from coast to coast. Saavy marketeers that they are — they keep their messages short and sweet, the better to hammer ’em home.

You can say you heard about your must-haves here first, unless you’ve already read the September Glamour.  Their tips for updating your fall wardrobe? Buy a menswear jacket, add something sparkly or shiny and get yourself a cross body bag that can go over the shoulder.  To be a real trend setter – wear black and white separates, add socks, and rock an animal print with wedge booties.

This mother-of-all-fashion mags has over 2 million readers, most of them between the ages of 18-49. One of their most popular columns is Do’s and Don’ts.  Unsuspecting fashion victims and stars are caught in candid shots while they stroll along the streets of US cities.  A black swatch over the faces of the Don’ts obscures their identities in a haphazard way. Read the magazine from back to front and you’ll run across it without wading through the incredible number of ads.

So, this is the fashion industry’s dirty little secret. It takes grit to be one of the Don’ts and a lot of people just take the easy way to Do-ness. Can’t say that I blame them.

I hear a cross body bag calling me by name.

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