Traveling by car across the US through each of the time zones is a great way to both see and hear the country. Despite regional differences there’s an underlying connectedness.

Easterners are always coming and going and love to talk about their traffic. 

Oh-my-god, we need to leave now, right now or we’re gonna get caught for hoours. Which way should we go?

Well, I’d take Kelly Drive over to Springfield, down Chestnut Hill and across to the interstate.

Are you kiddin’ me!? That’s a terrible way to go with the detour on Hanson and 7th. It pulls all that traffic onto Maple which flows into Springfield.

Why do you ask me which way if you aren’t going to pay attention? Go your own way. Don’t blame me when we’re late.

In the mid-west, weather is the first thing mentioned after hell-o. 

 So beautiful day, today, huh? Turned off the furnace and opened the doors!

You got that right. But su’posed to change later on this week.  Heard it on the weather channel.

Really? Well, I heard that we’re gonna have spring all week long. I’m planning on getting my flowers in.

 Well, good luck with that. I’d have a back up plan if I was you.  Don’t blame me if they freeze.   (Ha Ha)

People living in mountain time don’t talk much at all, they’re too busy breathing.

New mountain bike, I see. (Pant.)

Yeah. (Pant. Pant. Pant.)

I’ll slow down a little. (Pant)

If I have a stroke I’m blamin’ you.  (Pant. Pant. Pant. Pant.)  

And when they’re not eating, it seems like they’re talking about food on the west coast.  

So, let’s try the new pizza place next to the pharmacy — they have wood fired ovens and use a lot of leeks.

Oh, geeze, could we hold off on the pizza for a while? I’m in a mood for organic spring greens with a light balsamic vinaigrette.

Like where? Napoleons? — They have a good chopped salad, Rooster’s has that new Asian Undertow or there’s always Rossi’s with the gorgonzola on arugula.

Oh, yeah! Gorgonzola.  Well, you decide, and I won’t blame you if it sucks. 

3 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. Well I would be happy as a clam to travel high and low and even take 70 to get to Iowa and enjoy this great Indian summer we are experiencing right now!! Cool and afternoon warm sunshine! I want to keep it forever and let everyone else wish they were here..in the heartland!!!!

  2. You are so right! I feel Josh and I inspired the East coast conversation, you even got some of the street names right. Though the real deal is a longer debate and plenty of eye rolling.

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