Idle Watch

I have to admit I am just a little bit attached to American Idol. Though kind of like the world series, I don’t get interested until the play-offs. I don’t watch the silly auditions edited for maximum small screen appeal, or the long drawn out process of getting to a manageable group of ten.

But by the time the group of oh-so-hopefuls are winnowed down, I begin to watch for the next installment. Tonight was one of the elimination nights. Since no one really performs on these nights and I am not a fan of Ryan, the goofy host, I don’t usually pay attention til close to the very end of the show. 

Big Mike and Anthony are on the chopping block. Only one can survive. Mike turns out to be the one with the least amount of viewer’s votes, so he steels himself for his last performance and nails it. Tight camera shots on his wife and a friend who are pretty much a sobbing mess. 

Ryan re-caps: reminding every one of  Mike’s long journey here, his new-born daughter and all the folks back home rooting for him.  

And what do you know, in a flurry of whispers, shrugs and grimaces, the 4 judges decide unanimously to Save him. With only one “save” a season, this is a Big deal;  it over-rides the votes of the populace and means Mike gets to come back next week!

More tight shots of wife and friend who are now jumping up and down and sobbing. But Mike is the best.

A big teddy bear of a man, he’s trying so hard not to cry, repeatedly body bumping goofy Ryan and thumping his heart with each fist.  Finally the other Idols are released and rush over and swarm.  

Big Mike probably won’t be crowned this year’s American Idol and that’s ok. I suspect he’ll have a pretty good life anyway.

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