Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

I can’t wait for another Cookie Swap.

It’s when bakers carefully nestle their sugar melts, gingersnaps, lemon iced, molasses, oatmeal, snicker-doodles, bars, balls and sandwich type cookies in scrubbed up tupperware containers lined with fresh waxed paper.

Everyone clusters together until a pre ordained starting time before circling the table and selecting an assortment of cookies to take home.

A swap is never described out loud as a competition. For starters that kind of thing would put off all but the boldest. The classic swap, like-minded people agree,  is an efficient way to wind up with an impressive array of cookies to easily pass off as their own to family and friends.

That said, seeing any of your cookies left-over at the end of one or two circles is much like seeing a dog at a pound waiting hopefully for its family.  

Use this recipe: Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies – Cooks Illustrated the next time but tuck away some because every one of them will be gone.  As far as the non competitive part, I say, leave ’em in your flour dust.

4 thoughts on “Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. Now…this got me to thinking about Tupperware…Tupperware was born in 1946 (which was a good year). Earl Silas Tupper created the product. BTW these cookies are the World’s Best.

  2. I remember reading this article in Cook’s but went back to find it and couldn’t. Now I have it saved and printed – Josh will be very thankful. There was also a note in the article about using the best chocolate chip – I believe it was Ghirardelli???

  3. I love the recipe from Cook’s and how they showed their comparison with the Toll House recipe. I wonder if you can double the recipe with out any problems. Doesn’t look like it makes more than 2 dozen if that. Thanks for sharing Stevie!

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