Useful, Maybe

A cat threw up on a stack of new magazines sitting on the piano. Annoying.

I like my magazines to be unwrinkled and clean and after I read them I like to pass them on. I can’t do that with these — so I cleaned them up best I could, let them dry and read them quickly. Here’s stuff worth passing on. 

Good ideas: Spray snow shovel with non stick cooking spray so snow will slide off.  Light candles with raw spaghetti. Hang Christmas lights on a tree vertically instead horizontally of round and round.  Put a just washed/rinsed cashmere sweater in a salad spinner to get out excess water. (Yeah, make that thing work harder for taking up so much space just for drying lettuce!)

In the wonder if it works category: Put a dryer sheet in the bottom of a tough-to-clean pan, fill with warm water and soak overnight. Then clean it some time on the second day.

Just plain silly: Buy a brightly colored wallet so that you can find it quickly in your purse.

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