Just Missed the Gold

I ordered a medium pizza with extra cheese, onions and black olives. Done in 15 minutes from the pizzaria practically across the street that never has any down time. Sig went for the pizza while I made a no slouch salad with radishes, red peppers, green onions, cucumber and red leaf lettuce. Plates readied, salad poised, dressing standing by — pizza box flung on oven and it’s —- REGULAR THICK CRUST! What could have been a perfect golden olympic in-front-of-tv dinner comes in a distant second without the full flavor and satisfying chew of the thin crust.

Check out pictures of Rockport, Texas.

One thought on “Just Missed the Gold

  1. I have enjoyed all your entries. I like the photos too. I will send you my personal favorite when I finish reading. Keep up the narrative since it is educational and fun to read.

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