That’s ok, Google.

Our heads are round so that our thoughts can change direction.

According to the world of Google, this quote is from Francis Picabia, a French poet who died in 1953 and the American poet Allen Ginsberg who, unfortunately, is also dead. Even when asked point-blank, ” Who came up with the ‘Our heads are…’ quote, Ginsberg or Picabia?” Google dodged.

I am sure I could get to the bottom of this mystery but I choose to move on.

The creator of the Smiley Face is uncontested. It’s Harvey Rose Ball, an American graphic artist. In 1963, Harvey was asked to come up with something to raise employee morale at an insurance company; it took him 10 minutes and he was paid $45.00.

If that insurance company had been a little more forward thinking they may have found out what we know today. Satisfied employees work for ethical and community-centered companies that acknowledge and value them, give them chances to learn, give them challenging work and lastly, give them fair compensation.

But, on the other hand, if that had been the case — we just might not have Smiley Face.

Have a Salubrious Labor Day.