Cat Post

I am disappointed to discover that our cats, Molly and Lucy, have names on the list of top cat names in the nation. It makes me feel ordinary and dull. This is compounded by the fact that tho dear to us, Molly and Lucy would not be contenders in the Westminster cat show if there was one. 

Sig has a theory that cats choose their owners. That is how he explains the neighbor’s cat (from 2 houses away) who roams freely through our house, hangs his feet over the dining room chairs and in general, makes himself utterly at home. We call him Robert Parker; his owner calls him Max.

 Molly has always been an eavesdropper. Here she is lurking behind the window shutter.

Oh, C’mon.

Hints from Heloise is a column I remember reading years ago. It was a way to soak up the most unbelievably useful advice on doing things like keeping mold from growing on parmesan cheese, keeping flowers from wilting and how to fold a cloth napkin into a swan. Try as I might, I generally forgot the tips before I had occasion to use them but for a moment or two,  Heloise made me feel much more equipped for life than I had been.  

One of the papers that I can buy in Port Aransas carries the column.  A lot of it is now reader’s tips with “thadda girl” comments from Heloise. “I don’t like to put wet tea bags in the garbage, so I decorated a coffee can with foil,” wrote one contributor, “and put it on my counter. I put used tea bags in it during the day, and then dump them all in the garbage at once.”

I probably will never do that.

Just Missed the Gold

I ordered a medium pizza with extra cheese, onions and black olives. Done in 15 minutes from the pizzaria practically across the street that never has any down time. Sig went for the pizza while I made a no slouch salad with radishes, red peppers, green onions, cucumber and red leaf lettuce. Plates readied, salad poised, dressing standing by — pizza box flung on oven and it’s —- REGULAR THICK CRUST! What could have been a perfect golden olympic in-front-of-tv dinner comes in a distant second without the full flavor and satisfying chew of the thin crust.

Check out pictures of Rockport, Texas.

Couple of Gulls I Know

Birds are plentiful in Port Aransas, Texas where we are spending part of the winter. Went to a  morning birdwatching hour put on by the parks dept that drew serious birders with arm length telephoto lens and suitable hats.

Learned that “Bird on the wing left!” means you look up to the left of the person who hollered to see a bird flying. What follows is an optional participatory discussion about a) kind of bird and b) what the bird is doing. I left before it was quite over. 

Later we were eating lunch in the car on the marina. I said to Sig, “bird on wing left”. But he had missed the birdwatching session so didn’t  know what I was talking about — wasn’t much of a follow-up discussion.

Cooking Lesson

I read in MS Living mag that one of her editors loved to feed her family of 3 boys and 1 husband a chicken that was simply sautéed in olive oil and finished with a combination of red wine vinegar, garlic and rosemary.  A photo of both the dish and the attractive family of five clearly anticipating a great dinner sent me to the grocery store.

The butcher asked if I was making curry when I asked to have the chicken, skin and bones intact, chopped into about the same size pieces. I’ve never made curry but I said yes, anyway — as what was the point of carrying on that conversation thread?

Mixing the marinade was the only step unless you want to count mincing the garlic cloves and cutting up the rosemary. The recipe said, “Don’t crowd the chicken, cook in two batches if necessary.” I pretty much ignored that, thinking — the chicken were long passed the time of caring whether they were crowded.

That was a mistake. 

Instead of a clean crisp sear, the chicken steamed. Instead of a rich brown carmelized finish, the chicken turned a pock-marked pale grey. Instead of a uniform doneness, the parts were either half-cooked or overdone.  Adding broth to the pan to begin a glazing sauce caused the chicken to seriously simmer, no doubt still irritated about the crowding.

Then the vinegar, garlic, rosemary marinade joined the party — and really never left. The finished dish was a jumble of bones, skin, tough chicken meat with a chief note of an unbalanced vinaigrette.  I served it over brown rice with asparagus.

Hello World!

Whether you have stumbled upon this site or came here being “of sound mind and body” or maybe “not so sound mind and sound body”, welcome. This is where I intend to hang out occasionally and I’m feeling pretty good about it. Mostly, I am feeling good about it because I have been researching and researching blog sites in Preparation for doing this. Now, that part is over. Seems to me it went on for years. Now, I have a domain. Just like the big dogs.

I don’t think I would be expected to share too much insight on the first post, do you? Yeah, filling out a profile was bad enough. One of the things I might want to work on is that the first draft does not have to be the last draft — as that propensity has caused me a great deal of needless work in my life. I think I’ll explore the site a little and see what features I want to add.